List of the Best M&A Platforms

M&A transactions without the help of technological solutions are very difficult to execute in today’s world. This multi-step process requires special attention because during this transaction the parties must exchange a lot of confidential documents, but besides that, there are many other problems, which you alone cannot cope with. Virtual data rooms are currently the best tool for M&A transactions that optimize and speed up your work, protect your data, and simplify the whole process. In this article, we will highlight the list of the best m&a platforms.

Intralinks Data Room Overview

Intralinks is a leading provider of data room services for M&A deals. The provider provides its services primarily to large and sometimes medium-sized businesses, and provides its support through all phases of M&A, including preparation, due diligence, the deal and negotiation process itself, and post-deal integration. Despite the complex set of services provided, Intralinks is an easy-to-use space, with the implementation of artificial intelligence features that will simplify your work and allow you to focus your attention on real issues rather than administrative problems.

Intralinks’ main features are:

  • Provider security certifications are GDPR compliant, other security features include remote document revocation and detailed permissions for document interaction. VDR also has encryption features and other strong security methods
  • Customer Support is available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, any way you want (phone, email, chat), connect time is 6 seconds
  • VDR has a detailed reporting function that allows you to stay informed about all the events that occur during the transaction 24/7

Merrill Datasite data room software review

Merrill Corporation is one of the most recognizable brands in the market that also targets large businesses. Merrill Datasite provider will provide your company with assistance in the most complex business processes, it provides the proper quality that fully justifies its not-insignificant price. M&A is one of the lists of processes in which the provider specializes. VDR has the best security certifications including ISO 27001, and the data room is also equipped with other security features which include detailed access resolution and analytics functions. 

The provider’s support team also does its job to the highest standard, you can rely on it as it can provide you with help at any time. The program is easy to manage as it has no plugins and is supported on any device. VDR protects your documents perfectly and provides watermarks, permission groups, and encryption both at rest and during data transfer.

DealRoom Data Room Overview

DealRoom, although somewhat younger than all of its competitors, has still been able to prove its professionalism to many customers over its 8 years of operation. VDR specializes in providing M&A services and does everything to make your process much easier.

The provider provides customized solutions for every stage of mergers and acquisitions, takes care of the protection of your confidential data, and also provides easy management of the space and all its functions. VDR also has advanced collaboration features, meets the best international security standards, and has excellent customer service.

DealRoom provides out-of-the-box templates for due diligence, integration, portfolio management office, and more. Administrators can control database access and manage detailed document interaction permissions. The sender can keep track of the document even after it has been sent.

When loading documents into the system, you don’t have to worry about formatting them, because VDR supports almost all file types. For interaction with colleagues and invited users, we can use both encrypted chat and a question and answer section.